Saturday, 2 January 2010

The Year That Was 2009

In January 2009, I made some new years resolution. Looking back in the past year, I may have achieved EVERYTHING pertaining to motherhood, but nothing else apart from that matter. Nevertheless, it has been a fruitful and rewarding year. I have enjoyed my time tremendously and count all my blessings that I could spend every waking hour with my boys, watching them grow and not missing out on anything. First steps. First words. First puzzle completed on their own. First everything.

My brother Kelvin and his then girlfriend visited us. They went to Tasmania and he romantically proposed to her, caught on camera! We love you both. Kisses for you, kisses for you!

I won my first ever blogging competition, and won myself a mini Dell Inspiron laptop, one I'm using to blog now whenever I'm away from home.

My husband took me on a date with Brian MacFadden Delta Goodrem.

We experienced one of the darkest days here in Victoria. Temperatures were soaring above 40 degrees celcius, bushes were burnt down to the ground, people perished along with their loved ones, hectares of bushland and properties destroyed. It was The Black Saturday.

Gary and I celebrated our 5th Wedding Anniversary and my parents celebrated their 35th year in marriage.

We celebrated Guaran (Gary's younger brother) and Chai's wedding, in Melbourne and in Malaysia.We grew a giant squash in our back garden.

It was a month of birthdays and birthday parties.

Lachlan turned three. He started 3 year old kindy. We had an arrrrrr me hearties pirate party complete with a pirate ship birthday cake.

I celebrated my 30th birthday and gave myself the best present ever, perfect vision.


My darling Lucas turned ONE! Be charmed again by his smile, read this post here.

Mom and Dad visited Melbourne from Malaysia, and mom spoilt us by making her famous Hokkien (Prawn) Noodles.

This is a typical Thursday for us in June 2009.

Lachlan fell asleep while eating pizza, caught on camera and made headlines on YouTube. People are still talking about it up till today. Laugh again, watch the video again here.

My brother Mark and his family moved into a new home in Melbourne.

I ponder about whether or not there's a medical career left for me.

It was a month of baking, cooking, trying out new recipes, eating, sharing, merry-making etc. Here are some of them:

Tricolour Marble Cake Lemon Meringue Pie Golden Syrup Scones Pear Crumble Cake Spicy Kerabu Salad Almond Biscotti

It was footy fever all over again, with the Geelong Cats in the grand final in AFL, going against St. Kilda. We came home winners! Go Catters!!

We hosted a Father's Day lunch, with 6 daddies and daddy-to-be's. It was all about food.

I found out I was pregnant, all over again for the third time!

Gary celebrated his 34th birthday.

It's all about being pregnant again. Morning sickness. Cravings. Juggling my three boys and tiredness. Read about it in my Pregnancy Diary.

We came back to Malaysia for the biggest event of the year. The wedding ceremony of my brother Kelvin and new sister-in-law Ching Mei. (One I'm yet to blog about!)

We had a lovely time with family in a very well deserved 6 week holiday. We ushered in the new year 2010 with people who mattered to us most.

More blog posts to come!

That was it! The year that was 2009. Here's to a better, brighter, bigger year ahead. Welcome 2010! Best Blogger Tips


maggie said...

you going to be back in Melb real soon right? it is crazy hot here.. luckily you escape it.. better whack more asam laksa before you come back..:)
my sis didn't got for the wedding, her baby was giving a real fuss..:) but her hubby was there and he did comment you are still very active for preggers woman.. ahhah.. take care k!hugs and kisses to your 2 cutey boys!

Frogdancer said...

I has my eyes fixed too... 5 years ago now. I still love to be able to see the clock beside my bed in the middle of the night. Sometimes it's the little things that mean the most...

Chai-Ching said...

Wow! What a year it has been for you SIL. :)

Can't wait to see everyone again. It's been a bit quiet here and I still haven't had a chance to make that chiffon cake for mum yet! At least I found the recipe on your blog. One step closer...

Take care and see you soon!