Wednesday, 28 March 2012

A Dress for Lily

I have a soft spot for beautiful fabric. And I love love love this one that I've stashed away for a while (in amongst a huge pile of other divine, yummy, designer - shooossh don't tell the hubby stash!). Hmmm what can I say? It was late in the night, when all is quiet and asleep. It was the fabric, the sewing machine and just me. I am mighty proud of what I've achieved...

Fabric: Pretty Bird by Pillow & Maxfield for Michael Miller

My beautiful stash is mostly from: and
Wrapped in Fabric

Design from Amy Finlayson:

Model: my own :)

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Tuesday, 27 March 2012

March in Pictures

Can't believe it's nearly the end of March. So quickly it went by... I know I have some making up to do. Here are some photos...

4. My bedside - minus half the clutter. There's always cook books (I read recipes to sleep *yawn*), my diary, Body Shop olive body butter, a framed picture of ME!

5. A smile - and a gorgeous one too.

6. 5 pm, after a day out with Thomas!

7. Something I wore - dainty flowers teamed with cargo pants.

8. A window - I am mighty proud of.

9. Red - toffee apple

11. Someone I talked to today - on the 11th of March, "my baby no. 4" turned one month old, what a milestone! OK... so he's NOT really my baby (when he poops, cries or wants a feed!). Isn't he gorgeous?

12. A fork - & a spoon for Lily's lunch

13. A sign - that my husband's been naughty happy.

14. Clouds - on an autumn day

15. Cars - of my boys that I've been trying to sell

16. Sunglasses - on missy potatohead

17. Green - Billi Cord pants

18. A corner of my home - that I really like

19. Funny - grass head by Lachlan

20. Before & After - Bathroom renovations

21. Delicious - babycino

21. Delicious - yummy mummy cherry tomatoes

22. Kitchen sink - really, who needs a picture of a clean kitchen sink?

23. Moon - Asher's fullmoon cake, a delicious carrot and walnut with cream cheese frosting, covered with baby blue fondant.

24. An animal - that Lily cuddled at the wrong end!

25. Breakfast - of pancakes and delicious maple syrup from Canada. XXX

26. Proudly presenting - Student of the Week!!!

27. Name - Asher

28. Proudly presenting - trash/wheelie bin boy

29. Feet - Lily's work of art, trying to "paint" her toenails with markers

30. Toys - I pick up 30 thousand times a day

31. Where I hang out...

Hope you enjoy the pictures...


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Sunday, 18 March 2012

The latest addition to the dolly family...

I have been inspired... This time by Lioness Lady.

A couple of weeks ago I hosted afternoon tea for kinder moms and their littlies while the 3 year olds (Lucas) were at kinder. It's wonderful to meet and get to know a little more, some of the moms that we say "hello" to at pick ups and drop offs. So over cuppa and biccies and cupcakes and chit chats, I got to know this wonderful lady, and within 30 seconds, found that some of our likes are indeed.... quite alike!

So she has inspired me to resurface an old friend, suffocated in dust and cobwebs, yet to be unpacked from stacks of boxes (yet to be unpacked) in the garage. Hello Singer!

So I got busy one night (it was nearly midnight!) but it was all good. Something that I promised I would do quite some time ago. You see, they have been quite popular, and each time a little girl looks at me with those pleading eyes, it's hard not to say "take her, I'll make another one (for Lily)" So this time I promise you my little girl, it's for you and no one will take her away.

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Saturday, 3 March 2012

Our Neighbourhood

We have some folks over from Malaysia, and we brought them for a walk around the neighbourhood. Tall pine trees, open fields and ovals, busy peak hour suburbia.

The kids took them to their favourite park.

Lachlan is getting real good at the monkey bars

This is my dad, their grandfather...

He turned sixty a couple of weeks ago. But he's still great at abscaling!

We love our neighbourhood.

Day 3| March Photo(s) A Day

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Friday, 2 March 2012


Day 2

The green grocer in the neighbouring suburb where we get our fruit fixes from.

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