Thursday, 23 April 2009

Turning 30, 3 and 1.

A little less than a year ago, we celebrated Lachlan turning 2 years old. I was heavily pregnant with Lucas, just about to give birth at any time. I thought having 2 kids with their birthdays close together with mine was great! It means we could have a big birthday bash together.

Anyways, fast forward a year, my views have changed. The idea of a dozen three year olds high on sugar, running amok and trampling all over half a dozen crawling almost one year olds sends shivers up my spine. What about when they start going to kinder, to school? They'll have more friends then and their parents would come too. And what about MY friends?

In a couple of days, I will be turning 30. Thirty! Big THREE-OH! 2 days later, Lachlan will turn 3. And a week after that, Lucas will turn 1. WOW!

Turning 30 is no biggy. When you're a kid, 30 is like old! And for a lot of people, turning 30 is a big deal because of the realisation that they're a grown up, with grown up expectations of themselves and what others have on them. For me, it's OK because I'm well on my way in the path of life. A house, a husband, 2 wonderful sons and a part time job. I think I'm OK. No doubt, it is still a big milestone. So I am going to do something special this year. For me.

Lachlan and Christopher was born on the same day. They go to the same playgroup. And this year, they will be celebrating their 3rd birthdays together.

Lucas will have a smallish party at home, with his crawly friends and no 3 year olds trampling all over them. Thank goodness!

So there will be 3 parties, not one big bash. Best Blogger Tips


maggie said...

time for number 3?

Wandernut said...

Happy Birthday to you and the kiddos!!


Grace said...

Waiting for you Maggie! :) hehe.. A girl perhaps?

Nutty: Thanks!!! BIG HUGS TO YOU TOO!!! XOXOXOX Enjoy your weekend with family!!