Monday, 13 April 2009

Vision 20-20

One of the things I did when we were back in Malaysia was IntraLASIK, a form of refractive eye surgery similar to LASIK. The only difference being the method by which the corneal flap is created. With IntraLASIK, the first step of cutting the flap is accomplished using a highly precise laser, the Intralase Femtosecond Laser. Hence, it is also known as "all laser LASIK".

I knew this is what I've wanted, and after some light research, I know that the technology (and no doubt professional expertise) used here in Australia, is at par with the ones in Malaysia. So I snapped up this opportunity to have my very first "cosmetic surgery" done whilst we were there. This saved me quite a lot of money, enough to cover for another trip back for my entire family.



I trusted my brother and Ching to call up on a few clinics and upon their advice, I went to Optimax in Taman Tun, Kuala Lumpur. I was truly amazed with how quickly everything went. I arrived on Tuesday to find out that an appointment was made for me to have an eye examination on Thursday and if everything was OK, the surgery was to be performed that same day!

Thursday came, the kids were left at home with their grandparents. My eyes were checked and I was given a big tick for surgery.

I sat in the waiting room without my glasses, blind as a bat, while a very well spoken gentleman explained to me the steps involved, possible risks and complications and what to expect in the next few days. There were a few other young guys in the room, their surgery before mine and I thought I could hear their teeth chattering while the doctor was explaining these to us.

My name was called out, and I was led to another room. I was then instructed to look ahead at a green light and keep my head very VERY still. This was the intralase laser, sending little air pockets into my cornea creating a little flap. It was not scary at all, all the time I was just concentrating on the green light. It's funny how I thought my head was kept so still, I swear I wasn't even breathing the whole time but the surgeon kept telling me to keep my head still!

The LASIK procedure itself took seconds! 13 seconds to be exact. The duration of it depends on the prescription for long distance viewing. For example mine was -4.0 for both eyes, and thus 13 seconds for each eye. My eyes were blurry for a couple of hours, it wasn't hurting or stinging. It just felt a little uncomfortable, a little dry and very very light sensitive.

I went home, shut my eyes for a bit. I tried to sleep, but could only manage 20 minutes. I couldn't wait to see my boys!

That night, I went out for dinner at a lovely Japanese restaurant! (Against doctor's advise *roll eyes*) I couldn't miss it as it was a pre-wedding dinner for Guaran and Chai. I had my sunnies on all night despite getting a fair few stares from other customers. I could see! I mean really really clearly! All the time I kept reading the billboards outside the window, testing out how well I could read, even the teeny weeny letterings. Unbelievable!

Night time, I had to wear shields for just in case I accidentally rub or knock my eyes. I look like spiderman and Lachy was very very amused! Spider-mom he calls me!

A day after the surgery, I went back for a check-up. Perfect vision. 20-20. I can be a pilot. No more granny glasses. No more contact lens. I can wake up in the middle of the night and see the time on my clock. In a couple of months (just to be safe), I can go swimming with the boys and not worry that my contact lens are going to fall off under water. Now, if only hubby does it, we can once and for all banish all contact lens solution from our bathroom!

A true medical marvel, just amazing!

Read more about it here.

(Photos are TOTALLY random and unrelated to this post, apart from the BEFORE and AFTER shots)
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Maria said...

OMG! I'm totally jealous! I always keep wondering whether I should get this done although I think I'm too old for it now :(. And I think my prescription is at the upper limit of this technique (I'm around -7.00). Glad it all went no hassle of glasses or contacts. Jac has lost a customer! :P

Wandernut said...

I did mind 3 years ago! Best thing I ever did! Such freedom :)

Grace said...

Maria: Too old???????? Come on, don't you feel juvenile working out at Curves? heheheheheheheh... :P Great excuse for another holiday! Ah well, looks like Jac will be selling me sunnies from now on!

Nutty!! Congrats for Chicago!! Yeah!!! It's the best thing!! Oh yes, my cousin will be going to Shanghai, would you like anything from down under? Perhaps some arnotts double choc chip cookies? Send me your shopping list ok? ;)

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