Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Will you Marry me?

Over the weekend, my brother and his girlfriend went to Tasmania. Early one morning, during a stroll at a beach with the most amazing views, my brother was just snapping away photographs of her. He set his camera on timer mode, made a dash to where Ching Mei was standing. On bended knees, he popped the question. It was all captured on camera!

She hasn't said yes, but she's wearing the ring. That's a good sign! ;)

It was just the most beautiful and amazing thing. Love. I am so happy my brother has found his happiness and one true love. Congratulations C & C.

We are overjoyed with the news, I was so happy I had tears welled up in my eyes even before they told us the good news! I had a hunch that was coming.

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Kadus_Mama said...

awwwww....thats sooooo sweet..! If she wear the ring, it means yes, right?? hehe

maggie said...

soo romantic!! how can she not say YES! haha

how was yrs like? hehe..

Grace said...

We all say YES anyways! :) She is such a lovely lovely person. hehehehe....

Mine is a LOOOOOONG STORY. Will cerita one day... :D

Louisa said...

oh wow, that's lovely! I hope she does say yes officially soon!

I second Maggie, how were you proposed to??