Monday, 27 April 2009

My 30th Birthday

Last night, I celebrated my 30th birthday with 4 very influential ladies in my life. We had a ladie's night out, just 5 of us at Melba Restaurant, at the Langham Hotel. It was a lovely evening, memorable and enjoyable. We ate and we ate, we chatted and laughed, we got to know each other even better than before.

C is my new sister-in-law. She spent the night with 4 lovely mummies, grasping the depth of our conversations of childbirth, breast-feeding and juggling our rather hectic lifestyle that is different to hers. L and H have been my mentor and role models. They're both stay at home moms, the ones I've learnt to respect ever more than before in the last few years. JL, I've just got to know not too long ago but got on really really well like long lost friends, also through playgroup. She is mom of one and another on the way. They are the ones I wanted to share my 30th birthday with.

I enjoyed the great variety of seafood, having platters after platters of fresh sashimi, natural oysters, king prawns and blue swimmer crabs. There were also clams and mussels, but did you know I was allergic to mussels? There was also a wide selection of salads and cold meat on centre stage.

Perhaps, the main attraction was the open kitchen. Here, there are food stations where chefs freshly prepare the food that you select, ranging from an Asian stir-fry, to Italian pastas and aromatic meats from the tandoor. I ordered a herb and cheese naan bread from the tandoor, which was made there and then right before my eyes, that was divine.

The Asian stir-fry was so-so, maybe because I have had one too many platters of entrees and already felt quite full. They also serve Peking Duck, but I've never in my life had Peking Duck with stir fried bean shoots, it tasted a little out of ordinary. The skin was also a little chewy.

The array of food was so diverse, so multicultural and so uniquely Melbourne.

Then, there were desserts! I was really excited about sweets because as I walked in, I saw this: an array of little miniature treats.

It looked almost too good to be eaten. I like how they make them so pretty and in small little portions so you can almost try everything on display!

Verdict: Two thumbs up! I'm not a big fan of buffet style dinners usually, but this one gets the cake. Their selection of cold food is fresh, and their hot meals are freshly prepared. Definitely unlike many other buffet style dinners. Downside is you just stuff yourself silly and end up overeating. Thank goodness I don't turn thirty too often!


The Langham
1 Southgate Avenue
Victoria 3006

1800 641 107
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maggie said...

Happy Birthday Grace!! and you definitely don't look the age..must be all the joy and laughter from the kids that is keeping the youthful face..:)

Grace said...

Thank you darls! XOX