Monday, 9 July 2007

Golden Vine Cafe 1949-2007

July 05, 2007
Golden Vine Cafe 1949-2007
The lights went off for the very last time at the Golden Vine Cafe on 225, Moorabool St. Geelong when it closes its doors on the weekend, for good. A very well deserved retirement for my beloved parents in-law. They've worked hard all their lives, created history owning the very first chinese restaurant in Geelong, fed families of many generations... it's definitely been a bittersweet experience for them and us.

A walk down memory lane...
The restaurant was first opened by Gary's great-grandfather in 1949. It occupied the current village cinema complex on Ryrie St. His grandfather and father then took over and bought the GVC's current address. Famous for its home-made dim sims amongst other things, the GVC menu is mainly australasian including chop sueys, their popular special fried rice, chicken roll, beef in black bean, sweet 'n sour, chilli dishes etc.
The family tradition spanning 3 generations stops here as my dear husband can only cook 2 minute noodles and reheat frozen four 'n twenties. On a positive note though, DH's brother has been the fried rice boy ever since he could reach the wok counter.

Goodbye GVC, you will be sadly missed but dearly remembered.
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