Thursday, 21 January 2010

Summer Garden

Zucchinis have got to be one of the most hardy plants, ever. Just before we left for Malaysia 6 weeks ago, I planted some zucchini seedlings in my vege patch, leaving it all to mother nature. Knowing that the temperature here in Melbourne had soared beyond 40, and if not in the high 30's, I wasn't hopeful that we would reap anything at all from the plants. In fact, I was half expecting to come home to a backyard of dried up and toasted plants and weeds!

The harvest wasn't bountiful, there were three or four odd shaped zucchinis and plenty of flowers. But enough for a meal or three (and maybe more). Skin off as they were a bit tough from lack of water.

Here, I chopped them into circles and threw them into chicken broth, to serve with noodles and shredded chicken meat.

For a little good measure, the boys and I planted a cherry tomato plant, hoping that it's not too late for the season.

And a strawberry bush. We found these at our local nursery for $2.95 each. Bargain!

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