Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Lachlan's 3rd Birthday

Three years ago, you brought so much joy, so much happiness into our lives. We are truly blessed to have you, a healthy and robust little boy. Right from the start you have us all besotted, infatuated with your easy personality, your smiles and your antics.

Through the years, you have taught us a lot. You have given us a child's love, so pure and so sweet. Through you, we discovered unconditional love. I hope one day, you will see that of all the joy and happiness you have given us, we give you back a thousand fold.

I can't believe 3 years passed so quickly! You have grown into a boy with so much personality. You are so chatty, so bubbly and you love socialising. You are not shy, you are confident when meeting someone new. You speak so eloquently, you sometimes baffle me with what you say. Then there's the laugh, the big, hearty laugh that is so infectious! It could be a funny ad on TV, or a funny noise someone makes. This could send us into fits of giggles that would never ever end!

You are always curious about things. When we go for walks, you would often peer into letter boxes, every single one of them. You learn numbers really quickly. Before long, you could read out numbers on letter boxes, every single one of them on the street. It takes a long time for us to walk down the road sometimes, because you would touch every bark on the tree, smell every flower, and pick up stones of various shapes and sizes. One day I wondered why my bag was so darn heavy, I emptied out the contents, and there looking at me were pebbles and rocks and twigs and gumnuts!

I love how you care about others. Like when you see me in a daze you would ask are you alright mummy? Or if someone gets hurt at playgroup, I could see that you care. You would perk up, run up and give that person a hug. I love how you cup my cheeks with your both hands, and shower tiny kisses on my face.

This past year saw many changes in your life. You became an older brother. It hasn't been easy, but you have adapted quite well. You are constantly learning and you did that well. It is amazing how eager you are and how much you understand. You often test your boundaries, and you still do. Mommy knows it is still a little confusing, wanting to be independent but at the same time still having to rely. Hang in there young man, you will soon get it right.

And those cheeks that is so you, everyone loves to pinch. They are like stress balls. An instant uplift, when skies are grey.

Lachlan, we wish you a Happy 3rd Birthday! May this year be wonderful, filled with exciting surprises and happiness. We love you heaps! Best Blogger Tips


Leonny said...

Happy Birthday Lachie!

And btw, I LOVE the one where he's looking out the window! The emotion in the photo is so very nicely captured!

Maria said...

Awww Happy Birthday Lachie! Such a wonderful little man :)

maggie said...

Happy Birthday Lachie!! you are so blessed with such a loving mommy that writes sooo well!
You have done a great job Grace!

Lins said...

Bet you can't wait when he turns 18 years old! *chuckle*

Grace said...

Thank you all for the birthday wishes!

Wandernut said...

Happy birthday hensem boiii :)