Monday, 4 May 2009

Ahoy There Me Hearties!

Last Saturday, we celebrated Lachie's 3rd birthday. We had a joint birthday party with Christopher, who share the same birthday as Lachie. It was a Pirate and Pilot party. We went as a pirate family, my 3 pirate boys looked so handsome in their piratey gear. I was so proud of them! I too dressed up as a lady pirate.

There were about 25 kids, and I'm glad we hired out the playgroup centre. I couldn't imagine 25 screaming, jumping, climbing, swinging pirates in my house. There was so much room for them to run around, the playground was vast. There was a cubby house, a fort and a sandpit. There were rocking horses, swings, mini coupes and real road tracks. They played pass the parcel and treasure hunt. Arrrrr..... It was swashbuckling piratey fun!! Arrrrrr.......

Having a joint birthday party meant Hanny (Christopher's mummy) and I share out the task of cooking. And it was great because Hanny is great with cooking up a storm. She made lovely Indonesian Fried Rice, Fried Rice Noodles, her mother helped make Indonesian Sticky Rice Savoury Balls and her mother-in-law grilled some chicken wings. On the other hand, I defrosted party pies, sausage rolls and chicken nuggets and put them in the oven to bake. Ahhhh....
And oh, made the birthday cakes. That left us plenty of time on the day to socialise, have fun and play!

Lachie's birthday cake was a pirate ship, it was a rich chocolate cake with lots and lots of black icing that made our guests' teeth black like a pirate's! Christopher got his wish, an airplane birthday cake. I made both these cakes one day before the party. Of all the cakes I've made before, I enjoyed these the most. Honestly, it was easier than it looked.

Hiring out the centre costs us next to nothing. Plus, the cost was halved between us. I am so happy we did! We arrive early just to blow some balloons and decorate the place. It already looked cool, had a room full of toys and a dream backyard for every little kid. Cleaning up after the party was a breeze as some guests stayed back and helped us pack away the toys, vacuumed and threw out all the rubbish.

We had so much fun! And Lachie... He had the best birthday party... ever.
Hop over to donkeydocs to see the cutest pirate ever! Quick!
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maggie said...

oh my Grace! you really should open a cake shop.. it looks so good and i bet it tastes just as good.. such a waste Joel can't attend.. looks like tons of fun happening there! and you look WA WA WOOM ! ahhaha.. you must tell me yr secret k..:)