Friday, 8 May 2009

Lucas, you had me at Hello!

Oh what an easygoing child you have been, right from the start!

You were born via a planned Caesarean Section, and everything went really smoothly. Mummy went into the operating theatre as calm as a Hindu cow, and out you came in no time. It was peaceful. It was quiet. For the next few hours, you were clinging on to my chest, skin on skin. And baby, it felt so darn good! Your little warm body nuzzled against mine, your skin so soft. It was nothing I can describe. I was completely in love.

And you just knew how to look for food. You turn your head towards my breast and started suckling, like you have done that many times before in your life. You were there for hours, so happy and so contented. Even up till today, it is so easy to keep you happy... FOOD!

Our love for you has never been divided. You are your own pot of gold. It's true being a second child, you get a little less of time, and of physical attention. You did not have swimming lessons at 6 months of age, you've never been to Gymbaroo and you did not have a talent agency scouting for advertising opportunities for you. You wear your brother's clothes, you played with your brother's toys. But our love for you, it is not hand-me-down. Our love for you is strong. It is a different kind of love. A complete, perfect love. More mature. Much wiser.

Having you and your big brother keeping me on my toes, this past one year has actually been very satisfying, it has been a whirlwind. It was exhilarating. It was exciting. I can't believe it has been one year. ONE whole year! Today is your first birthday, and we would like to wish you a very Happy Birthday.

To my darling boy Lucas with big brown eyes, and with those long, thick, black lashes! You have me squirming with jealousy. You don't know how many times we were stopped in supermarkets, and people would comment on those eyes. To my darling boy Lucas with a cherubic face and tousled hair, your smile melts hearts and captures life so carefree and happy.

Happy 1st Birthday Lucas!
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maggie said...

Happy Birthday Lucas!!! Grace, you are so sweet!! makes my heart feel so warm reading that..
Hope u have a great time this weekend. We will be home babysitting so can't make it. have loads of fun k! *hugs* *kisses* to the absolutely loveable Lucas!

Wandernut said...

Wow... they grow so fast.
He's a gorgeous little bub.

Grace said...

Thank you Mags and Nutty!

We missed you Maggie and kids (including Benny haha!). Sorry I didn't call you again, crazy birthday parties! Am I glad it's all over!!!!

Nutty, tell me bout it. What will it be next? 18th birthday????