Monday, 27 July 2009

A New Home

Today is the day of the big move.

My brother and his family migrated to Melbourne a little under 2 years ago. All these while they've been renting, while in search for their family home. We all know it's not easy. So many things to look out for: the right location, within the budget, in the school zone etc. Well, they've found it!

It's not exactly dream home, there's much to be done. Some things needed fixing. There're a lot of cleaning up to do! There is so much potential in this home and I can see today that it is all unfolding. It is turning into THEIR home from an empty shell. I can see the kids playing in the garden (with mine), I can see them blossoming into their teenage years, going to a good secondary school nearby and then hopping onto public transport (bus/tram) just a stone's throw away, going to uni. Oh, maybe I'm getting off a bit too far. By then, my brother would have struck rich to buy my sister-in-law's dream home, eh?

Congratulations guys! Wishing you all things wonderful in your new home.

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