Thursday, 14 April 2011

Our House - Part 2

This is the front of the house. This is the long drive way leading to the front of the house.

And this is a little boy on his scooter, zooming up and down the driveway and getting our mail.

But there's no mail today.

But guess what? We have snails living in our letterbox. One of the many rotating inhabitants we share this house with. Snails eating our snail mails! Quite literally.

Lachlan will get the mails usually, and Lucas, those snails. Errgghh...

(Gaaaahhhh.... I hate my own voice on videos!) Best Blogger Tips

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Yes Ma'am!

I have a blog detective. She has been checking on my blog every SINGLE day and counting the days I have NOT blogged. Awww... we know you are our number one fan! So this post is for you.

So here are my troop, oh how they've grown. It's funny how I don't realise how big they've become (although they're constantly under my brow!) until I find last winter's coat and put them on. They've become 2 inches shorter!

My Lilypie will soon be 1, Lucas 3 and Lachlan 5! How time flies...

So yes Madam Detective, I don't blame you for missing these gorgeous faces. I know you miss their smiles, their laughter, hugs and kisses. I am saving them all until we see you again soon!

I want to apologise to all my loyal readers, who has also been checking up on me. No particular reason why I haven't blogged as much as I used to. At the end of each day (if there's such a thing!) I plopped myself down on the sofa, lazy and uninspired. Gorgeous faces they seem to be, they're little energy zapping bunnies.

On a more positive note, there's a LOT happening. Socially, there seem to be birthday parties every weekend in April and oh, did I mention we will be throwing 3 birthday parties in successive weeks? The home business is blooming wonderfully and soon I will be losing my wonderful SAHB work-from-home husband to a little shop nearby. AND the house! We're enjoying it.

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