Thursday, 29 October 2009

Happy Birthday Babes!

Today is my hubby's birthday!

I know it was a little last minute, but the two boys and I spent half of yesterday shopping for daddy's birthday present. Yes, he does need new shirts, new pants, a new wardrobe, some new techy toys would be nice, a new lens for his camera etc. But I really really KNOW what he wants for his birthday! And even he knows that I knew what he wanted, and he knows that I would get it for him. And oh, we can share! :)

The trouble is, over the years, having grown in our relationship and matured into well... adulthood and parenthood, we somehow simply do NOT buy anything full-priced anymore! We would shop for the best bargain, search the internet for the best price, ask for a price match, use a coupon etc. So yesterday, I saw his shiny new toy at the shops, at it's full recommended retail price of $349 *gasp*, I left it there. Bugger it, we'll shop for it together another day... even if we could knock $20 off!

So we walked all around the shops, my boys and I, just wondering what we were going to do for our dear dadda. Surely, we have to DO something special at least, to honour and cherish someone that we love so dearly on his birthday! So, if lavish and pricey gifts are out of the agenda, we'll have to do what we do best.
Bake. It's gotta have Cherry Ripes in it. Because it's his absolute favourite!

A Cherry Ripe Cheesecake...yumm!

Make. A card, hand-crafted and hand-printed by all of us, with love.

Celebrate! We just HAVE to. What is a birthday without a party and lots of food and good company? We had takeaway pizzas and fizzy drinks and cake. It was a good party.

Happy Birthday our dear Dadda. We hope you enjoyed your day!
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Mamapumpkin said...

Happy Belated Birthday to Dadda! I would've wished earlier but I keep reading you from my phone in the wee hours of the morning and it's really inconvenient typing comments from a phone!

Cake looks yumms!!! I must search for these cherry ripes the next time I'm in Oz.

Grace said...

Thank you MamaPumpkin! Yeah, I read that you have land of oz in your "to visit list". Hope you come to Melbourne! :) Let me know yaa...