Friday, 24 April 2009

Lachie Goes to Kindy

Big news! Today, Lachie started pre-kindergarten. I woke him up at 8.30am, a whole hour before he usually wakes up. He had breakfast, brushed his teeth and changed into going out clothes. But not without some growling, hissing and threatening, from me that is! First day of school and it's mad morning already!

Still dreamy in la-la-land...

In Victoria, you can attend pre-kindy when you turn 3 years old, and the cut-off for the yearly intake is that your child's birthday needed to be before April 30th. It is completely optional. Lachy could just make it this year, his birthday falls on the 28th of April. So he is the youngest in the class.

Because it was his first day, I stayed with him. We went in early, brought with us a pillow for Lachie to sit on for music and story time, a snack box, water bottle and a sun hat. There was a special hook for Lachie to hang his bag and coat at the foyer. You should've seen him, he ran off into the classroom even before I signed him in! I didn't think he needed me there at all.

Lachie blended right in with the rest of the kids. He played with blocks, sorted colourful teddy bears, stuck fingers in playdough, wouldn't touch the shaving cream (yep, the kids were messing up shaving cream and having loads of fun!), participated in songs and dances, do puzzles and played outdoors. He listened to his teachers, and I wondered to myself where my little terrible three disappeared to and here's this little smart and funny kid, displaying his best behaviour for his teachers. I have pride written all over my face, and there's happiness swelling in my throat. Unfortunately, that little terrible three that I know reappeared as soon as we walked out the door.

Lachie agreed it was great and he would gladly attend kinder again next week. He'll be there 2 days a week, 2 hours each time. Aaahhhh.... I am already planning my 2 hour breaks, with one child less! Makes a HUGE difference. Best Blogger Tips


Leonny said...

hehehe ... i love his dreamy expression!! :)

and hey ... he did extremely well for his very first day at school!!

Well done Lachie!!

Grace said...

Thanks Leonny! He did well actually. Can't wait for his second day tomorrow, and then I can LEAVE him there! Humph I think it will be the shortest 2 hours i'll ever get though.