Saturday, 17 January 2009

A date with Delta Goodrem

My husband took me out on a surprise date last night. Usually I'm quite sharp at guessing what he has got up his sleeves because he is JUST so predictable! But last night, he almost got me believing that we're going to watch the cricket! Goodness, I was going to deck myself in green and gold!

Anyways, we got ready and left the boys with his mom. Got to the city, I was still guessing... What are we doing? We walked down town, hand in hand giggling like teenagers in love. I was twinkling with excitement... all the while guessing. Is it NOT the cricket? Is it Billy Elliot the musical? Is it Australian Open? (doesn't start till 19th of January) Is it...??

We grabbed a quick bite at Arintji (Aboriginal for Orange) Cafe and Bar at Federation Square. We had half a dozen freshly shucked oysters with cucumber, Atlantic Salmon roe and cream fraiche dressing and carpacio of octopus and cod croquet.

Somehow we ended up at Hamer Hall at the Melbourne Art Centre. But of course, it has GOT to be DELTA GOODREM'S concert!

*heart* I want my name in bling bling on my baby grand too!

Brian McFadden came on the show first and he looks so delicious I want to eat him! I asked Gary if he'd mind me taking Brian to bed, and of course he could take Delta. He said no! Hummph!! So anyways, did I mention how delectable he was??

Delta Delta Delta. She is one amazing woman. She has so much talent. Not only does she write her own songs, she designed her costumes. Her fingers glide over the black and white keys effortlessly, her voice is pure magic and she's gorgeous! She is a natural on stage, funny, witty and charming too. Must say she has come a long way since Neighbours!

Well, if Gary doesn't want her, I'll take her.

She can shake her bootie alright.

The seats Gary got couldn't get any better. We were 7 rows from the stage, I could almost reach out to Brian Delta. Just as we sat down, I felt a couple of guys brush past and guess who? It was Anthony Callea and Tim Campbell just one row behind us, a couple of seats down. What's more, Delta's dad was sitting right behind us! Whooaa... talking about a brush with celebrities, literally!

When I grow up I want to be just like Delta...

I had an amazing night with my husband. He sure knows how to push the right buttons! :)
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maggie said...

awww.. too sweet! so happy you had such a wonderful time!.. yr hubby is really know how to pamper you..:)))

Wandernut said...


Ching Mei Lim said...

We knew bout it! ;) Glad to hear that you both enjoyed the concert! Yes! Gary knows what and when to do such things!

Grace said...

Ching: I know!! You guys are very clever to hide it from me hah! He is a sweet pie and I'm a lucky girl. :) You are too! ;) and my brother is a lucky guy! Oh bother, we're all lucky!