Thursday, 1 January 2009

2009 Aspirations

Last night, I sit back quietly and reflect on what it had been in 2008. My son, Lucas was born. Lachie became a big brother. It was a year of simple pleasures, a year for celebration. It was a year of joy and contentment. I have been blessed with not one, but two beautiful, healthy boys. I am the happiest I've ever been.

I am not one for making resolutions. Nowadays, it seems like it's a common theme. It's great though to set a few goals just to give us some directions. So, this year, I have made a few aspirations for 2009.


I have enjoyed this role tremendously. I am sure a fair few of my close friends and family would agree that it suited me to the bone. Looking back at my journey, I have not one single regret. The decision to give up my full-time job as a medical doctor to start a family was not a difficult one despite spending close to a decade training to be one and not to mention my dad's life savings spent on my tuition fees for med school. In Australia, medical jobs are abundant and locum shifts paying big bucks come easily, and hence it didn't bother me one bit. The last year proved that there's NO role greater than being a mother.

Being a mom has made me appreciate the love for my own mother more than ever before. Growing up I have been close physically and emotionally with my mom. She's the one I look up to, a multi-talented, kind-hearted woman, a Jill of all trades. She has been an entrepreneur, a florist, a beauty-therapist, a volunteer for many charities, a wonderful cook. But most of all, she has been a confidant, a mother. Now being apart, we're drawn into our own separate little worlds. I am thrilled that mom and dad will be spending some time next year with us, and this time I would like to make sure that we spend good, quality mother and daughter time.

Career Wise

I would like to work a little bit more this year. I am thinking weekends at the ED might just iron out the creases of my thinking cap. Plus, it would keep me updated of the latest happenings in the medical world. I think it would also be a great boost for my ego, being someone somewhat important, a completely different role.

One with the boys

It's scary to think how much TV Lachie watches in a day. I would love for us to spend more time outdoors keeping active, be it just pottering about in the garden or walks to the park. He has a brand new bike sitting in the garage and a shiny blue helmet. I must learn the art of juggling two boys in the swimming pool, I've seen many moms with 2 or more in the pool!


Cailler is our attention deprived chocolate Labrador. She has been at the bottom of my list not been on my list in the last couple of years. Sometimes I find myself barking at her for her misdoings more than she has ever barked in her entire doggy life. This year, I must include her in our walks to the park and try to let her mingle with the boys when we're out in the garden. (She's always been restrained due to her extremely boisterous behaviour and the fact that she licks Lachie's face to death when she's out and about!)

Time for two

My husband and I have been devoting our time for our two children that we often neglect time spent on ourselves. It would be lovely if we could get away a little more on our own without the kids, or even thinking or talking about them. Sounds like mission impossible, but definitely on my list!

The weighty issue

I'm not one for dieting. I love food! Just as the French Women Don't Get Fat, I would love to enjoy my chocolat and p√Ętisserie without the guilt of what it would do to my thighs. The word is moderation. Although I have achieved a healthy BMI range of 24 and have come down to my pre-pregnancy weight, my goal is to achieve an ideal BMI of 22. I must continue to do 1/2 hour sessions at the Curves, three times a week because it has been working for me thus far.


A brainchild of my brother, this year marked the birth of our family business here in Australia. The last few months proved that our pride and joy is booming. We are busy, happily busy. Well, I am anyways on behalf of my husband. Just like our children, with the right amount of nurturing and love, this business will grow big and strong. I would like to be able to help in any way that I could. Stay tuned for it will be a busy year of blogging for me, on this site as well as at photobookfanati.


Here's to a wonderful and fruitful year ahead. Here's me wishing you a blessed new year. May your 2009 be filled with wonderful opportunities, great success and good health. Best Blogger Tips


Mummy E said...

The way you've embraced motherhood (and excelled in it) is truly inspiring. You make motherhood look easy! I face the same dilemma of motherhood vs doctoring. People say "what a waste!". But at the end of the day, I reckon being a mom is still a higher calling and much more fulfilling huh? Ha, lots to learn from you!

maggie said...

That's alot of stuff to do!.. you are really a all rounder mom.. i have much to learn from you. Especially patience.. you seem to deal so well with them.. I on the other hand, forever shouting and screaming.. sigh..

Grace said...

Mummy E! Thank you for such lovely words. You and Big E make such wonderful parents too! And for you to take both roles (exams at the height of your pregnancy?!?!?!) so naturally deserves a BIG salutation too! We have lots to learn from one another... and I'm so lucky to have you as a dear friend. :)

Grace said...

Mags, you're lucky you don't live next to me else you'll hear me shout and scream all day!! Haaa... believe me! I do that EVERYDAY!!!! XOXOXOX