Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Giant Squash

This is a squash from our garden.

I have been watching it GROW in the last few days. We have been recycling our grey water. Water from each load of laundry and water from the boys' bath. It has been happily growing at a speedy rate, I was a little reluctant to harvest.

A couple of days ago, I picked the squash. I chopped it into quarters. Lucas has had 4 meals of steamed squash, and there's another half a squash left. I swear there's a hint of QV Bath Wash in it!
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Wandernut said...

OMG!It's huge! Mutant squash! I've only ever seen palm-sized (or smaller) squash like that. You sure it's not Cailler's pee? Hehehehe.

Grace said...

LOL!! The boys pee in their bath?????