Thursday, 21 January 2010

We're Back!

Hello! Did you miss us? We're back from a very long, and well deserved break. 6 weeks went passed in a blink of an eye! Well, maybe not for some. But yeah, we're now back in the comfort of our home and enjoying the things we loved and missed. Here's us with a packed picnic lunch at Carribean Gardens, while mummy shopped for groceries.

And here's what we had for lunch THREE days in a row now: Ham, cheese and cucumber sandwich. Mmmm.... we could still have these for another three days!

And mom made the bestest of all, some good ol' spaghetti bolognaise, and guess who licked the bowl clean again?

It is these simple pleasures that we missed. And of course we missed you too!

Over the holidays, I noticed some new readers that popped by. Hello there and welcome to our humble blog. Sorry if you've felt a little neglected, but I promise my posts will be popping up soon. To everyone else, welcome back!

Feels good to be back...YEAH!

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maggie said...

Welcome back ! good to see u and kids well.

picric said...

O gosh! Lucas is HAPPIEST when he's eating!

Grace said...

Thanks Maggie! :) Aiya, I only show happy pictures, you haven't seen how far he could chuck his choy sum and a hissy fit! But yeah, Chris you saw it first hand, food does make him happy! ahhaha... :)

Good to be back!