Friday, 20 March 2009

The Wedding

Gary's younger brother got married on Sunday, the 15th of March 2009.

We got up quite early, got the boys ready and dressed and out of the house. Lachy and his daddy at 8am and Lucas and I at 9am. We went separate ways. Gary and Lachy went with his brother to pick up his lovely, beautiful bride while Lucas and I spent the morning helping out my in laws with lunch preparations in the house. It was a traditional Chinese wedding affair, and we had a traditional Chinese feast of mouth-watering whole suckling pig, roast duck, steamed prawns, Chinese vegetables, lotus root, mushroom and oysters and steamed rice.

A Chinese wedding meant the groom had to go to the bride's house to pick up the bride, but not before he was met with a few challenging tasks like doing push-ups, disgustingly passing seaweed from one man's mouth to another and so on. Apparently he got off pretty easy!

The tea ceremony was held at both houses. This was the very first time for Gary and I to be at the receiving end. The tea ceremony is a way of introducing the bride into the family or vice versa, and a symbol of respect for the elderly. It was in the order of seniority. Gary and I was last in line. You could see in the photo I was very excited!

The Wedding Ceremony was held at the Contessa Receptions. My darling Lachy was the ring boy and I was so proud of him walking down the aisle holding on to two precious rings, looking so smart and handsome in his black tuxedo and a red tie. The little knot in my tummy melted into tiny tears that I quickly hid as I didn't want to be seen crying even before the ceremony begins!

It was sweet and simple. G and C was married, in the presence of family and friends from near and afar.

Then it was time for mingling, photos and hors d'ourves before dinner starts. We quickly duck back home for a quick rest and change of clothes. The rest was actually the car ride home and back! I wore a dress by Charlotte Moore.

It's funny I couldn't find a single photo of me in my dress from my camera although I did take heaps. Will have to hunt one down. This photo was taken at the end of the reception when I had my black MNG jacket on.

Dinner was a 10 course Chinese banquet. We had more suckling pig, crab claw, shark fin's soup, half lobster on a bed of egg noodles, roasted quail, vegetables and scallops, steamed barramundi, steamed lotus leaf rice, ice-cream cake and fruits. The food was so-so, although we were pretty busy doing other stuff and not really eating until they were all cold.

The boys had a blast despite actually being struck by gastroenteritis a few days before. They were pretty sick and even on that day, Lachy was still pretty weak. He was off his food, had a few bouts of diarrhoea and vomiting. He still manage to dance the night away with only a lollipop as his sustenance!

We came home before midnight and all four of us collapsed in bed.

This photo was taken in the morning bright and early, although for Lucas..."not-so-bright, but too early!"
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maggie said...

you look beautiful!!! and Lucas look so different! the 2 boys are definitely heartbreakers..:)))

more pics k!

Wandernut said...

The boys look totally handsome and you look GREEEATTT! :)

Lovely lovely!

Were the bridesmaids dresses in green? That's the colour I have in mind for mine too! Should be October 2010! If you can come back in to KL around then, please do! :D

Grace said...

Thanks Mags and WN! The boys were definitely the star attraction that night...

Nut: Yes, the bridesmaids dresses were emerald green. Lovely colour! They were taylor made by a cambodian lady in Melbourne and was surprisingly VERY VERY affordable, like AUD$100 for both!! Maybe you could even make it in Shanghai, it would be even less! The design was quite chic too... let me know if you want a full version of the dress...

I'll be back again in Dec 09 for Kelvin's wedding. Will let you know closer to the date! :) XOX