Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Pregnancy Diary: Oh My Goodness, I'm in my 3rd Trimester!

So, I haven't updated for a while now, but the second trimester whizzed by so quickly even before I could say yay, the morning sickness is all gone! Because it hasn't really...

It's been rather smooth sailing I should say, the second trimester. I spent most of it in Malaysia, eating off roadside stalls, cooling down with fresh coconut juice and just being spoilt silly at my parents' home. The highlight was definitely when I jiggled my belly down the aisle, doing a reenactment of the JK Wedding dance for my brother's wedding, with relatives watching in sheer horror, and also singing with a REAL band feeling like a rock star! Haha... Oh, I have yet to blog about the wedding haven't I?

People asked me if it felt different this time. Oh yes, it sure did! People asked if I knew the sex of the baby. Oh yes, I sure do! Well, 99% sure anyways. Unless there's a genitalia deformity (eepps!) that we don't know about or a baby boy with a really really small penis (eeeeppss!!!!). So yeah, it's a girl! :)

You know, how some people say the shape of the belly can predict the sex of the baby? I have been skeptical up until now. With the two boys, my pointy belly screams look at moi, I could have this baby anytime now even in my second trimester! This one, everything seems to be growing sideways. I mean everything! My tuck shop lady arms flap in the wind as I yank Lucas out of the car, to the gigantor of an impression on the couch left on by my hips, my belly bump flattens out sideways and for a while, no one could guess I was pregnant! There were polite conversations whether or not I still went to the gym, or you know, when are you having baby number three?.... and then, oh, you're pregnant! Hah... that explains it! Teehee.... Ah well, as long as baby is healthy (We'll talk about my plastic surgery funds later).

Anyways, I'll leave you with a picture of some of the lovely ladies in my family. Yep, I had to pick a photo where all the bits of me are "hidden"!

Front row: (cousins) Ashleigh, Amanda, Allison, Abigail.
2nd row: Natalie (niece), me, Ching Mei (my new sister) :), Phaik Gunn, Phaik Wah (aunts), paternal Grandmother.
Back row: Grace (aunt), Cindy, May (sister in law).

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Leonny said...

Hey it's a GIRL!!! :D
The one both brothers will totally watch over :)

maggie said...

girl!!!! wow!! i am so happy for you! and yes, as long as they are healthy, that's the most important. how are the 2 kor kor reacting to the news of a baby girl?

Grace said...

Thank you Leonny! :)
Right now, the brothers are taking turns "bumping" into her, squashing her, elbowing her among other things... I sure do hope and pray one day they will be watching over her!!! :)

Mags!!! Your turn next!!!!!!!! You need a girl to tone down the testosterone fuelled household!! haha.... the two kor kors are naming her poo poo, and as I've commented, being really rough. Lucas points to his own belly and says "baby", so I'm not sure if he understands the whole concept yet! LOL!

Anonymous said...

wow! a girl!! finally sumone to hang around wif mummy in the kitchen, to pass on all ur superb culinary skills to! & a doll to dress up!!! so many pretty girlie clothes & accessories! =) i wonder if the belly shape theory really is true?

Mamapumpkin said...

Oh!!! I am so happy for you! Girls are great! If I ever got pregnant again (God forbid!), I'd want yet another girl! Here's a toast to a beautiful, bouncy, healthy baby!

Grace said...

Becs: Thanks darls... your little matchstick is going to be a princess too!! Guess she's no longer a little matchstick uh? Take care...

MamaPumpkin: LOL! That's what I said the last time.... and then I got preggers AGAIN!!! You must try for a little boy too :) My boys are clowns and I hope this will balance out the testosterones a little bit.