Sunday, 4 January 2009

Fresh Start 2009

We have been cleaning the house for the past few days.

The shelves dusted, the carpet vacuumed, floor mopped. We scrubbed every nook and corner (nearly), we reorganised the garage. I did loads after loads of laundry. The furnitures are polished, and the kitchen sparkled.

A clean start for the new year.

But why does it feel like the cleaning never never ends? Best Blogger Tips

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maggie said...

haha.. i know exactly what you mean! my parents house has transform from a clean, tidy retirement retreat to a daycare-like centre now!.. ahha... toys everywhere, fingerprints, food stains, etc.. they will be having massive spring cleaning when these 2 goes back..:)
and i bet the melbourne house is like a bachelor den as well.. spring cleaning for me too..:((