Friday, 30 January 2009

Home Grown

This is Mr. Cucumber, trying to keep its cool on a HOT Melbourne day.

It hit 45.1 degrees Celsius today, a record for Victoria!

So I'm glad this morning, I snuck out to the garden and harvested some crops... before this sweltering heat gets to it!

A couple of gherkins (cucumber), a handful of beans, ONE squash. Oh yes, someone something some little furry creature has been stealing our squash. I have seen them growing YES, but they mysteriously disappear! This morning, I saw IT, scurrying across the fence with a guilty look.

Anyways, I put them all to good use.

A very home-grown fried rice, teamed with my father-in-law's chives and free range eggs.

Oh, you've gotta love SPAM in fried rice! Best Blogger Tips

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