Friday, 16 January 2009

Say Goodbye Time

Three weeks went by so quickly.

Just three weeks ago, my brother and his girlfriend came for a holiday. They stayed with us. These past few days have been the most happy, relaxed and enjoyable. They came on boxing day. We celebrated my brother's birthday. We counted down to the new year. They went to Tasmania. They got engaged. We shopped, shopped and shopped. We ate, ate and ate. We laughed, oh how we did! We stayed up late, just chit-chatting over glasses of wine.

We have been spoilt, we've been pampered. We took advantage of the nappy change service, more than once. We are truly truly honoured to have such lovely company for the last three weeks.
Getting to know my future sister-in-law was just too easy. It was as if we've known each other for a long time. In fact, C and Gary, they're like long-lost twins! Both so similar in their taste for food and beer, their OCD-ness organisation skills in stacking up the dishwasher is so scary and oh their love for a good drop of wine! C compliments my brother in so many ways, just like how Gary completes me. The kids love them to bits!

Now is the time to say our goodbyes. We hope you have enjoyed your holidays. Aunty Ching Mei and Ku Ku, we miss you already! See you in a couple of months...
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maggie said...

i know how it feels like when visitors leave.. glad the kids enjoy the bonding time with ku-ku.. i know Joel will miss his ku-ku alot as well..

Ching Mei Lim said...

dear Grace & Gary, we had the best holiday ever. It's not one of the holidays which we managed to cover thousand n one places but it's definitely the best. Knowing how much Kelvin would like to be there with Lachie & Lucas, not forgetting his little sister you, words can't describe how much we enjoyed this trip. We miss you all too! Til today, we still can't stop talking bout Lachie & Lucas! Thanks again Gary & Grace. See you soon! XXOO

Grace said...

Ching: Again...Again? LOL!

Mags: Am sure your kids will miss their kuku too. Have a safe flight home. XOX