Friday, 23 January 2009

Nuffnang Bloggers Meet Up - Canary Club, Melbourne

Last night, I attended a bloggers meet-up at the Canary Club here in Melbourne. It was a casual event, sponsored by Nuffnang Australia aiming at getting bloggers together and getting to know Nuffnang. I had the honour of meeting Ming, the co-founder of Nuffnang Asia Pacific and Dave from Nuffnang Australia. Through this event, I also met some lovely girls, (the other) Grace and her sister Alethea, Sherry and Kriz. They are such easygoing and down-to-earth people, it was easy to get comfortable with them on the couch!

Ming, Kriz, Sherry, Alethea, Grace who is glowing, Grace who looks intoxicated after 1/2 glass of wine, my dear friend Laura.

This was my very first bloggers meet and I was excited about it. It's funny how you meet someone for the very first time and feel like you've known them like forever... because you've been stalking their blog! (Like I'm sure we're all BEST MATES with Karen Cheng!

Nuffnang is the first and possibly the largest blog advertising company in Asia Pacific, with over 60,000 members from Malaysia, Singapore and more recently the Phillipines and now Australia. They're the ones who let me win my Dell Inspiron Mini 9, and of course I have to love them (hehe). Sign up to Nuffnang and spread the good word.

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Grace said...

hi grace!

Was lovely to meet you... and my thoughts exactly to your post!

Hey I was thinking of putting together an event with Melbourne Mummy Bloggers... perhaps with more food... hmm and cakes... Do you know of any others who may be interest?


Leonny said...

hi grace!

Looks like it was such a fun meet up!

And hey perhaps one day we'll meet in person too ya!:)


Ps: your top banner pic is amazing! I love the moment captured there!

Grace said...

Grace: Sounds like a wonderful idea!! Unfortunately I don't know many mommy bloggers but I can definitely scout around.

Leonny: I'll be in Singapore around the 3rd week of March for hubby's business (and my shopping) trip!! Will contact you closer to the date...would love to meet up with you and your lovely kids. :)

Louisa said...

Oh, I would have loved to have been there but I was in Sydney for the Melbourne meet up and in Melbourne for the Sydney meet up! If you ever want another casual drink at the Canary Club just let me know!!