Thursday, 8 January 2009

Mini Slow Cooker

A dear friend asked me recently about my mini slow cooker. This nifty little kitchen gadget has been cooking hundreds of meals for my two boys. It was bought in Surabaya, Indonesia in one of their pasars. The ceramic bowl has an approximately 500ml capacity, just right to cook a little person's meal. The lid is also ceramic. It is a simple electronic conduction cooker.

It is fantastically easy to put together a meal. Simply wash some rice, chop in some vegetables and a small piece of meat. Top with hot water or chicken broth. Voila, a complete meal in less than an hour.

Some meal ideas:

  • Pumpkin/zucchini/squash and chicken with rice.
  • Potato, carrot and boneless white fish with rice. (Place fish in only for the last 10 minutes)
  • Beef shin, cut up in 1cm cubes and a slice of ginger. (My mother-in-law's recipe, great for an iron boost!)
  • Beef, rice and asian greens.

And when they're old enough to have whole eggs, I crack a fresh egg in at the last few minutes and let it cook slightly, yolks still runny.... YUM!

Pretty much ANY sort of vege, meat and rice!

The best thing is, it is small and portable I can bring it anywhere I want to and it costs me less than AUD$15.00!
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