Thursday, 29 January 2009

Ant Problem

It has been so hot that the ants are coming in in throngs, seeking solace in our cool, air-conditioned home.

We cleaned up completely every night and they still come back in the morning. I noticed they seem to be attracted to... water. Yes, water!

There will be a steady little army marching across the living room, or a great black seething mass congregating in one corner. It is quite disturbing! We have tried everything from cleaning up furiously, wiping, mopping, vacuuming every single crumb dropped from little fingers (not really) but to no avail. I have been avoiding using an insect spray in fear of little Lucas crawling all over the floor and licking up the poison. I think I will leave little bottle caps of water for them today.

Today 43 degrees Celsius. Yesterday 41. Next few days: 42 degrees, 36 degrees, 31 degrees. HOT!
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maggie said...

yes.. too hot for anything! hope you and the kids are keeping cool for these couple of days..i have been turning on air cond like forever..:)

Leonny said...

oh goodness yes i heard about the mad hot weather there!

And ants, oh i also wish there's none at my home, at all times. Right now they somehow are not around at all. I think our ant bait worked really well.

After i came back from my 3week visit to jakarta last nov, i could see little ants here and there. They appeared everywhere!
In my water jug, glass of water too!

The ant bait i used was one of those gel-like poison in round small cylinders,and i left them in hard to reach places,but near the ant trails.

Didn't see that many ants at the bait at the time though, but hey apparently it worked! Phew.