Saturday, 10 January 2009

DELL me time

I have been wanting to play with my new toy. If only there were a couple of extra hours in a day.

I've been busy entertaining and being entertained. Just last night, we had yet another CKT session with my brother and his mates. Today, we went to a Harry Potter themed birthday party and I made a very special birthday cake for a very special Harry Potter fan. He turned six.

Hogwarts School of Wizardry and Witchcraft:

Only kidding! The above picture was THE cake for the Los Angeles premiere of Harry Potter. My cake actually looked like this:

Note my shiny new black machine in the background.
He absolutely loved it!
More wicked party photos soon. Have a good weekend!
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maggie said...

oh my goodness!!!!! I cant believe you made that!! it looks so good.. yummy and extremely difficult! how long did u take to do this? you are champion la!

Have you consider opening your own cake shop? you definitely should...:)

How's the new toy? fast?

mommy e said...

You are amazing, Grace! I'm dreading the day when little e attends L1 or L2's birthday party and asks me, "mommy, why can't you make a cake like that for me too?"

Wandernut said...

OMG!! That looks.... SO PROFESSIONAL LOR! In fact it looks a lot nice than the 'official' cake.

Grace said...

LOL!! It's quite simple actually, HONEST! The towers are made from store bought jam rolls and rollettes, the windows are mint squares, doors are twix, rocks are marshmallows, roof tiles are roll-out icing. I just assemble it like LEGO!! :D