Thursday, 11 December 2008

A Time for Reflection

2008 has been a very important year for us. It marked the birth of our second born son, Lucas. He has brought with him so much joy and happiness into our lives.

Lachlan turned 2. It was a year of transitions and he made us tremendously proud by adjusting so well. He has bloomed into a vivacious, chatty and happy boy and is such a great big brother to Lucas.

In 2008, not so long ago, I started this blog. I would like to share with the world, through my writing and photographs, how being a mother is a privilege, how wonderful and beautiful life is with children and how every challenge we face each day makes us better. I wish to inspire others as I have been inspired many a times through reading blogs by others. I have met people through blogging, people with the same passion in life, people who love life.

I am truly honoured to get readers from all over the world and I thank you all for visiting every so often. And most of all, I would like to thank my two darling boys for making each day so interesting and for making blogging a breeze with so much to write about, just as it is... Best Blogger Tips

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