Friday, 2 January 2009

Smelly Socks

It's hard to believe that something as tiny and as cute as these, can smell like sweaty, stinky sport socks.

MMm... I'm addicted to smelly socks! Best Blogger Tips


Leonny said...

Hi Grace!

Gorgeous little feet captured!!! :)


PS: Thanks for linking up! :)

maggie said...

I don't believe such cute feet can be smelly! hahaha..
don't you just love babies feet, so small and cute!

Grace said...

Leonny, no worries. I have always enjoyed reading your blog!

This photo was captured using my hubby's Nikon D3. I usually shoot with my Canon IXUS80 (that juggles with the rest of the stuff at the bottom of the nappy bag!). I love looking at your photos!!

Mags, oh you know... just a little tinge of smelliness. It is addictive!! :D

Wandernut said...

I feel like biting them.

*arrghhmmmmm munch*

Wan-Hong said...

Don't they just warm your heart? :D

Grace said...

nut: chomp chomp am doing that on your behalf! :P

hong: you will soon have your own little cute smelly socks to chomp chomp! :)