Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Mummy Brains

I went shopping with the boys the other day. This shopping centre has coin operated shopping trolleys, needing a gold coin, $1 or $2 to be retrieved.

I plonked L2 down on a trolley with an infant reclining seat, buckled him up, threw L1 into the trolley along with the 3 cars he HAD to bring with him and then realised that the $2 slot had been vandalised and of course I only had a $2 coin in my purse. I unbuckled L2, picked him up, picked up L1, ran 100m to the car to get a $1 coin.

L2 in my arm, L1 and cars in tow, back again to the trolley, plonked L2 down again, L1 in. And then I realised... the chain that locks the trolley in had been vandalised as well! I didn't really needed a coin after all. It was a free-standing trolley! Gaaaaaahhh....

Some days my brains are just like the mush I make for Lucas!

Well, at least the trolley was in good working order. Best Blogger Tips

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