Tuesday, 20 January 2009


This is Cailler. She's our attention deprived, hyperactive Chocolate Labrador Retriever. This year in February she will turn 5 years old.

Cailler was named after Fran├žois-Louis Cailler, the first Swiss producer of chocolate. Cailler is also the Swiss version of Cadbury chocolates.

A little less than 5 years ago, Gary and I went GROCERY shopping. We came back with NO groceries, but a little cuddly puppy dog with big paws, floppy ears and a big heart. She loves people. In fact, I think she'll make a wonderful guard dog not because she's vicious, but because she greets everyone with a boisterous leap. She would lick any unwelcomed guests to death! But that wasn't the reason why we got her.

When I saw Cailler in the window, her puppy eyes just pleaded for us to take her home. The first few years with Cailler wasn't easy. She has wrecked havoc in our tiny garden, took chomps out of my cabbage patch, pulled out the entire sprinkler system, destroying water features, costing us hundreds if not thousands!

She went to puppy school. That taught her the basics. Then came the obedient school. Just the car ride to school is enough to deter us taking her to more classes. If you've read John Grogan's Marley & Me, she's the Marley and Gary's the Me. The best moment shared with her was after she was chipped and spayed, still groggy from the anaesthetics. That was the only time she laid still, chin on our toes.

Yesterday, Cailler had a bath and a groom. If she'd brushed past you wearing a white or light coloured pair of pants before her wash, she would've left a chocolate patch. Her old coat, unbrushed, she had patches of matted hair. Poor Cailles! Anyways, the good lady Carol from HydroDog, a mobile dog wash service gave her a good wash. She was brushed, shampooed, scrubbed, groomed, deodorized, brushed again. Her nails were trimmed. Her eyes and ears were gently washed. She even had a doggy treat after the wash. She is a whole new dog! Her coat shone, her eyes sparkled and she smells nice. She even had a nice little sway when she walks past, somewhat lady-like!

If you ever need a mobile dog wash service, I would highly recommend Carol. That is if you're in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne. Call 1300 659 055 or leave your details on their website.

Cost: $38. That's money well spent!
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