Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Lucas' Shenanigans

  • Zero - 2 metres in 10 seconds, commando style.

  • Sits upright, unsupported for as long as he wants to.

  • Picks up playdough raisin with his pincers and eats it!

  • Loves to chew on anything paper/cardboard including party invitations, instruction manuals, flashcards etc.

  • Says "Mom, may I have some fish and chips please". Kidding.

  • Says "Dadadadadadadadada....." non-specific.

  • Makes a funny face back at you when you flash him one.

  • Knows how to open and shut his fists when prompted.

  • Loves to laugh at his ko-ko Lachie when he does something funny or sings a jolly song.

  • Knows how to yell/cry out BEFORE being stomped on/bitten/hit on the head by you-know-who.

  • Able to put up a fight when scuffling for a toy with ko-ko.

  • Steals your heart even without you knowing it!
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