Sunday, 14 December 2008

You Make Me Feel Like Dancing

Yesterday, we went to The Wiggle's concert. Not too long ago, we were just there for the Hi-5 and I did mention that we'll be back real soon. Well, I was initially so over the whole concert thing and I volunteered my ticket for Gary's 4 year old niece who was coincidentally visiting from Sydney. All of a sudden in the morning of the concert, I felt like I HAD to go to this concert!!! I don't know what came over me.. haha! Anyways, we just got an extra ticket for entry and sat together with Lachy on dadda's lap. It was the BEST performance, even better than the Hi-5!

The stage was a simple set up of the circus or the carnivale. That was all there is. It's just pure wiggles and their wiggly friends! There were acrobatics. Anthony did splits (uhmm, maybe half splits). How old is he again? There were lots of dancing, lots of singing, LOTS of screaming kids and more splits from Anthony.

The Wiggles performed songs from their latest release, You Make Me Feel Like Dancing, plus all the favourites such as Toot Toot Chugga Chugga Big Red Car, Rock A Bye Your Bear and Monkey Dance. Emotions were high, I even had a little tear in my eye when I saw them chug-a-chugging out in their big red car! At the corner of my eye, I caught the biggest smile on Lachie's face. He was cheering, jumping up and down and screaming. OK maybe I'm exaggerating a little but he was a happy camper! Lucas was sitting on my lap, and he was watching them in awe for the longest time.

I'm still puzzled as to how four old adult male make it so big in the Australian children's entertainment industry. They're dubbed "the world's biggest preschool band" and have become top-earning Australian entertainers for four years in a row and earned AU$45 million in 2007. Wow!

The songs are catchy and usually starts with the chorus. Their dances that accompany each song are so simplistic ALL kids can sing and dance with them. Is that their secret to their success?

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ED said...

Hi! Just dropped by...u have a real interesting blog with nice photos!

looks like u had a fun time at the show too!

Grace said...

Hi Ed,
Thanks for dropping by! I did, I had loads of fun at the concert. Your children like the wiggles too?
So you know, I enjoy reading your blog too! :)