Monday, 8 December 2008

Dadda Cool

L1 and his dadda, they're like joined at the hips! They have this wonderful relationship that is different from mine and L1/L2. L1 could be very engrossed in something like watching Thomas or playing with his cars... and all of a sudden, where's dadda??? where's dadda???? He'll run upstairs to his office, or if he's not there, he'll run to the front of the house just to make sure his car is in the front porch. If he's not home, he'll need some sort of explanation like dadda went to the post office or to see a customer etc. He MUST know! He is very emotionally and physically attached to his dadda. Most boys his age would go looking for their mommies. L1, however... is his dadda's little boy. Dada showers his love and attention, abundantly. (I shower him with scolding and nagging, just as opulently!). He is the one to run to when the batteries run out. He fixes little broken cars. He builds soaring lego skyscrapers. He gives him his bath. He tucks him into bed.

We are truly blessed, dadda works from home. As busy as he may be, he'll always find time to come downstairs, to sooth the crying baby or to lend a hand with poo patrol. If I look like I'm tangled in sticky tape, a pair of scissors will magically appear in front of me. Or if I'm about to have a nervous breakdown at the end of the day, he knows to shoo me off to the gym.

I love dadda. He's so cool.
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Kadus_Mama said... nice!! Now both my kids have this notion that it's daddy who has to find money for the family and mommy is to stay home with them... :(