Friday, 19 December 2008

100% Organic

Today, Lachie and I harvested the first of our potted strawberries. It is so satisfying watching things grow in the garden, bearing fruits and then turning into something so...edible! There were only 2 and guess who gobbled them down?


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ED said...


I saw the photos of the strawberries.

Very Interesting. We don't get to see that in Singapore!

Grace said...

ED: That's true, I grew up in Malaysia and the only time I've ever seen strawberries were at the supermarket!

But then again, my boys will miss out on the durians, rambutans, mangosteens........ *reminisce*

Wandernut said...

Were they sour? Lachie's face so funny!

I just bought myself a pot of rosemary. They're on my kitchen windowsill. Picture's on my blog :)

Grace said...

WN: Yeah they were a bit! Although I thought it was pretty tasty from that little corner bit that I manage to get before he wolfed them down! I spotted a few more ripe ones today, might sneak some into my tum before he sees them! :P

OK Will check them out! :D

asiangarden said...

Oh My! You are really creative! The strawberries and cookies look so good!

Grace said...

AsianGarden: Why thank you! :) And you make such beautiful children! Thanks for dropping by... :)