Friday, 26 December 2008

How was your Christmas?

I have been awfully busy the last couple of days. Christmas madness! It felt like I have not stopped baking, cooking, cleaning, chasing after the boys etc. in the last couple of days. This year, we spent Christmas with family and friends at the beach in Geelong. It was the most wonderful day, the weather was splendid and we had the best time with good food, great company.

I have some wonderful news! Just a few weeks ago, I wrote a little post, a letter on behalf of Lachie to a special Santa at Nuffnang. We wish for more Australian bloggers to join the Nuffnang blogger community and to support one of our very own "blogvertiser". Just as well, we wish to win the Dell™ Inspiron™ Mini 9. And we won!!!!!!!!!

*beaming smile*

I still could not believe my luck! I would like to thank the team at Nuffnang for giving me this wonderful opportunity to blog about them and choosing me as the winner! Here's to a fruitful year of blogging, a healthy and happy year for my boys and a wonderful year ahead for the Nuffnangers. Also, I would like to wish all of you, my treasured readers, a Merry Christmas and best wishes for the new year.

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maggie said...

congrats!!!.. now got new toy to blog more.. hehe.. keep it coming k!

Grace said...

Thanks Mags! All inspired by you anyways.... :) you keep blogging about your beautiful boys too!

ED said...



I am hoping that Nuffnang Singapore will give me one as well! :)