Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Lucas @ 7 months

Blink of an eye, Lucas is 7 months old and he's on the move! He could flip, flop and roll about and flip again from one corner of the room to the other in no time. The other day I found him yelling out, half his body stuck under the couch! Ouch! And this morning, I left him on my BIG bed right in the middle surrounded by fluffy BIG European pillows, just to brush my teeth. I popped my head out 30 seconds later: eeeeeekkkk he was about to nose-dive 3 ft down to the ground!

He gets up on his hands and knees, rocks back and forth, inches forward a little and flops down. I think he will be crawling in no time, before he even learn how to sit still on his own. He loves "bouncing" on his tummy, flapping his arms and legs about. It is so so darn cute!

He pulls both his feet up at the same time and puts them BOTH in his mouth. He puts not one, not two but three fingers in his mouth. He puts my necklace in his mouth, Lachie Ko-Ko's toy cars in his mouth, breadcrumbs from the floor in his mouth and everything under the sky in his mouth.

He can laugh a big hearty laughs! He loves funny sort of noises like burps and *bum noises*. It makes him laugh. Lachie loves to make him laugh. A tickle is a sure giggle! He is so ticklish on his feet.

He loves his food. He's eating breakfast, lunch and dinner plus 4 breastfeeds a day. He gets a bit rashy on his cheeks still with dairy and wheat but it is definitely improving. He loves chewing on a stick of celery straight from the fridge. I think it doubles up as a toothie peg! There were times when I think I'm about to give-up breastfeeding, but then I'd change my mind again. Feeding him is such a joy. Lucas is such a boobie's boy. It is going to be difficult to wean him...

There's been ups and there's been downs, just as everything else in this world. There were days when I think work in the Emergency Department with a waiting room full of thugs pale in comparison. But when I look at my boys, I wouldn't change a single thing. No ED's thank you! That's not to say I will not be returning to work, I will. Just not now... I don't want to miss a thing. Best Blogger Tips


Louisa said...

Hi Grace, it's fabulous to find your blog. I love meeting fellow Aussie bloggers!! I can't wait to explore your site some more and read about your gorgeous boys. I have a little girl who is 7.5 months! but you may actually already know that :) Just wanted to say thanks for visiting my blog and entering the flutterbug comp. I'll have to get some more great things to giveaway in the New Year I think! In the meantime I look forward to getting know you in blogdom! Have a very merry Christmas :)

Grace said...

Hi Louisa, thanks for dropping by. Your little one is gorgeous! Your competitions are a bonus to an already interesting blog. Looking forward to getting to know you too. Have a great christmas!
Cheers, Grace.