Friday, 12 December 2008

A Letter to Santa Nuffie

Dear Nuffnang Santa,

My mommy started blogging about my brother and I just about when I started talking, and now there's no stopping her (or me). Everyday she takes my brother and I places so she has stuff to write about. She must take pictures of us doing every single thing even if it's silly. She makes us wait for our dinner because she needed to take photos of the yummy food she makes, even when we're very VERY hungry. She talks about her blog ALL the time!

My mommy told me she chooses NUFFNANG as her blog advertising provider because just like my mommy, they originated from Asia Pacific, and are based here in Australia, close to our hearts. They get ads that are highly relevant to where we live. She said that her blog will make us loads of money so she can buy me the new train set that I've been wanting all year!

I reckon my mommy should win the DELL Inspiron Mini 9 because it would look awesome in our going out bag. Because it is so compact, that would leave plenty of room for other more important stuff like my Mr. Bishi, loads of snacks for when I get hungry and the incessant supply of nappies for my stinky baby brother.

My mommy thinks NUFFNANG is so cool because aunty Karen Cheng uses it and she's SO COOL! She has even asked some of her blogger friends to sign up with NUFFNANG like my buddies at Joel & Jovan's little world and Lins Writes.

Dear Nuffnang Santa, my brother and I have been good this year. We wish for mommy to win this competition. My mommy tells me that one day when I grow up, I should be a "nuffie", just like her!

With lots and lots of love this christmas,

Lachlan XOX
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Louisa said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! HOW TOTALLY AWESOME THAT YOU WON!! Because it's you, I'm not even the teensiest bit jealous :) Merry Christmas!!!

Grace said...

Thanks Louisa!!! Those were such kind words!! Hope you had a great christmas too and Happy New Year!


Grace said...

Congratulations! I'm sure your little ones will enjoy the "mini" addition! I'm also super certain that your nappy bags will weigh heaps lighter now with it too!