Sunday, 16 November 2008

Hi-5 Playtime!

L1 grew up with the Hi-5. He's learnt to jiggle, bob, sing and dance with them ever since he could lift his head. We couldn't resist getting floor tickets to this year's concert when they came on sale some months ago...

This year's arena tour is called Hi-5 Playtime and featured the current line-up of the Hi-5 band, Nathan Foley, Stevie Nicholson, Kellie Crawford, Sun Park and newy Casey Burgess, in their toyroom live on stage.

There were lots of vibrant colours and pretty spectacular stage set up.

They performed a selection of their best loved songs, all of which MOMMY knows the lyrics to! It was high energy and interactive. If only Lucas wasn't asleep in my arms, I would be arrested by the security guard for trying to get too close to the stage, knocking a few 4 year olds down along the way!

North, South, East and West... Let's get this party groovin'

One, two, three, four.... Hi-5!

Yippee Yay Cowboy...yeeeehaaww!

Smile for the camera Lachie *waves a lollie in front of his nose*

Oh, it's not that BAD is it???

The boys, looking a little pooped by the end of the show...

We had lots of fun. It was a toyrific show!

Goodbye Rod Laver, we'll see you next month!
Stay tuned...
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