Monday, 1 December 2008

Berry Ice

Mmmmm.... I never thought we'd be this crazy over icypoles. It is seriously so easy to make. Not so very long ago, we made some yummy mango icypoles. It was such a treat for Lachie.

Last week, I bought 3 huge punnets of strawberries from the Caribbean Market, just because they were so cheap! Only did I realise later that day that we have to EAT all these strawberries like right now right this moment. The last time I let Lachie eat a whole punnet by himself, he had strawberry poo for three days! OK, that's another post altogether.

Strawberry surprise icypoles

500g Fresh Strawberries, washed and hulled.
250g (1 cup) Unflavoured or strawberry yoghurt.
1 cup Apple juice

Whizz everything together with a handheld blender and pour into moulds. Freeze. I'm thinking this would be such a great way to freeze fruits, the ones that got left behind in the fruit bowl. What's next? Orange ice? Best Blogger Tips

1 comment:

Kadus_Mama said...

wow!!! now i know how to make nice strawberry ice cream..thou it was so hard last time!! So thanx to you, i can give my kids a nice treat soon.. :)