Monday, 1 December 2008

Eat your heart out!

Most people have Monday blues. I rejoice! Monday means Tuesday is just around the corner. Monday means I don't need to cook dinner for the next two nights. Wooohhooooo!!! This is what we had for dinner tonight:

Spring rolls.

Home-grown (yep 100% home grown) Kai Lan or Chinese Broccoli.

Chicken, vegetables and cashews. (Oh, the cashews were scattered on the top only after this photo was taken).

Chicken and pork balls, with sweet and sour sauce on the side.

Tender, juicy steak with ginger and spring onion.

Spicy Chilli Prawns.
You ripper! This is what you get when your inlaws are ex-restauranteurs! And you don't have to be jealous of my BIG hips ok! =)
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Wandernut said...

Everything looks yummy! Though the deep fried stuff look scary hahaaha :)

Kadus_Mama said...

Nyummmmmm!!! You make my tummy growls with the nice food in your blog..

Grace said...

WN: They are mighty scary!!! The spring roll was actually quite oily and soggy (but cannot say lah in front page of blog :P) ehhehe... the balls were crunchy and yummy though. VERY VERY unkind to the body stuff.
KM: How laaahhh to loose weight macam ni???

Deana E said...

lucky you!! look so yummy and i am hungry...