Friday, 12 December 2008

Shopping for baby

Eversince Lucas was born, he has only worn Lachie's hand-me-downs. There could be one or two baby items that was given to him at birth, but he only ever worn them twice at the most! Alright, if you must know, he was almost 9 pounds at birth and went straight into a size 000! He seems to grow out of his clothes quite quickly, even the ones lovingly worn by his big brother at a much later age. Aaahh, the smell of these clothes bring back such happy memories.

Last week, I can't help myself buying some new clothes for Lucas. I wanted him to have something not a bit frayed at the egdes, not a little bit stained on the neckline. These little rompers were so cute I just couldn't help myself. Shopping with the christmas crowd was a little bit crazy though. I quickly grabbed a few items (queued at the counter for eternity) and quickly dash back out to the car. Scary stuff!
Tell you what's even scarier. I bought these clothes in size 1 and they were a snug fit!! Gaaaahhhhhh....

We're going for another concert this weekend. My rock baby will be wearing this.
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