Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Me time

Every now and then, I'd do something really random and sometimes drastic. I woke up this morning thinking I really need to do something with my hair. The long dreary weather over means my long limpy hair so OVER. I dropped the kids off at my inlaws (thank goodness for that!) and off I went to my hairdressers. Ooh, it's such a feel-good day!

Chop, chop, do you like it?

My darling Lucas had a little snip snip too. It was getting a little bit too long and he was starting to look like a girl, with his girlish features and all. Look, isn't he mommy's little boy?? Best Blogger Tips


Kadus_Mama said...

You Chop your hair short???? *faint*
But don't worry, you look so great with your hair like that.. :)

maggie said...

u look great!!!.. guess what.. i chop my to the exact same length as yrs too.. ahhaha... what a coincidence

Grace said...

KM: I know!! I always dream of long curly locks, but cannot "tahan" when it reaches shoulder length... so chop chop!
Mags: You have great taste too!! hehehehe... we even buy the same clothes for our boys! :)

Wandernut said...

wah he so clever can look straight into the camera! hahahah! :)

Grace said...

WN:'s funny cos I actually took that photo with my other hand that wasn't holding him. I took about 20 shots though, and at least this one turned out well! :D