Friday, 28 November 2008

Turning point

Say hello to Mr. Bishi (Mitsubishi).

About one week ago, I got this for Lachie for being a good mommy's helper at the shops.

Mr. Bishi goes places. He lives in pockets or a certain little boy's hand. Sometimes, Mr. Bishi gets tossed about in a certain mommy's handbag. It's hard to believe Mr. Bishi is only one week old from the picture above. When the sun goes down, Mr. Bishi sleeps in a very special place, right next to a very special boy.

You see, we have been playing musical beds for the last 2 and a half years. Lachie slept in his cot. Lachie slept in mommy's bed. Then Lachie moved into his big bedroom, on his own big bed. But soon after, mommy and daddy moved in with him. Then mommy got too big and had to move out of his very crowded bedroom. Lachie moved back into mommy's bedroom. When Lachie's little baby brother was born, not long after, Mommy kicked Lachie out of her bedroom and along went daddy. Finally, ONE week ago, Lachie takes Mr. Bishi to bed by THEMSELVES!

Have we finally got it right???? Best Blogger Tips


Deana E said... baby still sleep with us and her cot is just next to our bed..

Grace said...

I had the whole family in my bedroom at one point but it got too noisy like an orchestra so I decided to kick the two older (snoring) boys out, ie. my hubby and Lachie! ahahha