Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Caribbean Gardens

We went for a picnic today.

It was a perfect picnic spot. We found a patch of grass, overlooking the lake under a big shady willow.

Lachie was hungry. He had a ham and cheese roll, bananas and strawberries. I had a sinfully scrumptious doner kebab.

Lucas had this:

and mash bananas.

And we had this for dinner...


I enjoyed the tranquility and calmness. No TV blaring. No toys to pick up. No hissy tantrums. Just Lachie and his duck whistle, chasing after ducks. Lucas, rolling on and off the rug, and having his first taste of....grass.

A midweek recharge, just what I need.
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maggie said...

looks nice and peaceful.. just you and the 2 kids?? admire your effort to make all the stuff for picnic.. i am so lazy these days, i dun even cook.. haha
Lucas always have the same stuff.. bananas.. he must love them alot!

Wandernut said...

Roast duck for dinner sounds might yummy though... why not? Hahaha!

Grace said...

Hey Mags, just me and the two boys. Really lovely! If you're not doing anything next Wed we go together ok? Hah, I didn't really pack anything... the roll is from bakers delight, kebab from the market (yum!), just chuck in some fruits!! Lucas just eat whatever that doesn't require cooking like bananas and avocados.

WN, the thought did cross my mind! hahahahah...

maggie said...

next week is super spring cleaning week.. cause not going to be around and benny will just let the house rot..ehehe
wait for me to come back first k..:))