Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Books by Todd Parr

Recently I picked up a few books for the boys. I thought they were brilliant!

I was browsing through the ABC shop, and they were having a sale. And then I came across these picture books by Todd Parr.

With smiling child-like stick figures, bright, bold multicultural mix of blue, green, brown, yellow and purple faces, Todd Parr sends a truly optimistic message of love, togetherness and feeling good.

The family book points out how some families look alike, some look like their pets, how some families like to hug each other, some families have adopted children with a wonderful mix of political correctness, humour and fun. RRP $14.95 Sale $4.95

In the second book, Todd Parr tells us that it's OK to be different, it's OK to ask for help, it's OK to be adopted, to look different, to wear glasses, to be of a different colour etc. That it's OK just being who we are. This is a perfect book to read to a little boy who will soon attend kindergarten, who will be meeting the whole wide world, the wise, weird and wonderful. RRP $14.95 Sale $4.95

And finally, he explains the many reasons why reading makes you feel good. It lets you be a princess or a scary dinosaur, it helps you make pizza, it tells you how to look after your pets, it takes you to faraway places and it makes people feel better when they're sick. But most of all, reading is good because you can read anywhere! RRP $14.95 Sale $4.95

Other books by Todd Parr:
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