Saturday, 18 April 2009

Harvest: Blue Jap Pumpkin

It's harvest time again. These little beauts are the last of my vegie crops. Soon, I will be digging in new compost and planting more seeds and seedlings in my little vegie patch. What will I plant next? Snow peas? Beetroot? Rhubarb? I just love the earthy taste of home-grown organic beetroot. And rhubarbs make great desserts! Lachy loves munching on fresh snow peas, crunchy and sweet.

This big momma weighs 2.85kg. An average size for a pumpkin but not bad for an organic, home grown one huh? The smaller one weighs a little less than a kilo. Think it's a dud one. But then again, we went for a long holiday and left it up to nature. Looks like the dry Melbourne weather did it no favour! There is one last pumpkin still growing, the vines are still green. My father inlaw told me that I should harvest pumpkin only when the leaves are drying up. Otherwise, it will taste sappy.

Looks like Lucas will have to share this one!
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Leonny said...

oh wow!!!! That's the beauty of having your own backyard!!!

I'm not into gardening much, but I LOVE it when I see other people reaping the fruits of their labour in the garden! :)


Grace said...

Thanks Leonny for popping by. It's only a small garden... but yeah, enough to make us little pumpkins and cucumbers! Hope to show it to you one day.