Saturday, 11 April 2009

Good Friday

Back in Melbourne, our first stop after home was Geelong. Oh how we love to visit the home where Gary grew up in. There are lots to do from pottering about in the backyard, checking out the new sprouts of vegetable in the green house, picking walnuts and just hanging out with the grandparents.

Cilantro. Coriander. Chinese parsley. Which one do you say?

Winter melon or tung kua.

Walnuts from under the walnut tree. We collected a whole heap and then we sat at the back door cracking these nuts open. They taste slightly bitter and still a little damp.

My father-in-law got us fresh cray fish from the bay and made a delicious feast!

Crayfish with ginger and spring onions atop oodles of yummy noodles! Goodness, when will the eating stop?? Best Blogger Tips


asiangarden said...

OH yum yum yum! I say cilantro! lol

Benny said...

oooo...looks so so so so so... good!!!!mmm..

Grace said...

AsianGarden: :) Hey, I've seen your hubby's (family's) dishes too... they seem quite similar and yumm yumm too!! Cilantro is the american way isn't it? We say Coriander.
Benny: Yeahh...they were quite yummy, my MIL say I'm fat regardless if I eat or not, so keep eating! LOL! Am sure gonna be "tai fei poh"!