Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Happy Birthday Winnie!

On the weekend, we celebrated Winnie's 25th birthday.

Winnie is my cousin who lives in Brunei. We are truly blessed this time round, not only did we manage to meet up after not seeing each other for many years, but also to be able to celebrate her turning a quarter of a century old!

I promise Winnie she will be a star of my blog.

Winnie, you're a star that shines so bright,
You are a gem so precious,
You ooze love, a thousand fold of the love that is showered upon you.
You are so special in so many ways!

We love you Winnie! And Happy 25th Birthday!

Grace, Winnie, Gary who's your favourite cousin?

Amanda, Winnie, Lachlan
A special friendship formed.

This was hilarious! Winnie just KNOW that Lachie was going to blow out her candles. So just before he huffs and puffs, she blocks him with the back of her hand.

Aahhh.... nothing like catching up with family. We look forward to a big reunion at the end of the year! YES, we'll be back again. Best Blogger Tips


maggie said...

i think joel pick that up fr lachy in the area of blowing out candles on bday cakes not meant for him.. haha... glad to see the whole family having so much fun! when are u guys coming back?

Grace said...

LOL! Yes Maggie! Every birthday party we go to, we'll have to relight the candles so many times so the kids can take turns blowing them out. We'll be back coming Wednesday. Catch up with you soon...
X Grace

Seok Min said...

Thank you, ah Girl chi chi for the birthday cake. Love, winnie

Grace said...

Aunty Seok Min, We wanted to save you a bit of cake (for uncle leong to tah pau back) but looks like it was so popular, finished before I even had the chance!

Winnie, no problems! Anything for you! :) See you soon... hugs and kisses XOX